Breakfast Meats

Breakfast Meats


"What makes our  products stand out is that we use wholesome cuts of pork and bacon, natural casings for our sausages and natural spices. Freshness is also important. Pork sausages, for example, are usually ground when the plant opens at 6:30 a.m. and are delivered to supermarkets by 11 a.m. the same day"

Rory Williams, Managing Director

All Countrystyle Breakfast Meats are manufactured on-site using traditional recipes in an environment the maintains the highest standards

Countrystyle Black and White Pudding - Both chubs and natural rings available
Countrystyle Sausages - available in 454g and 227g pack sizes
Countrystyle Skinless Sausages - available in 454g and 227g pack sizes
C.I.M. Sausages 454g
Countrystyle Irish Rashers 300g


Cooked Meats


Consumers are increasingly looking to local brands for good quality food that offers quality and convenience. At Countrystyle Foods, we’re passionate about offering the best in taste and quality using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible”

Pat Lawless, Sales Manager

Our Luncheon Roll is the Market Leader in the South East and is known locally as 'red lead' for its striking colour

Traditional Cooked Ham
Baked Ham
Countrystyle Luncheon Roll 2.27KG
Hanley Corned Beef 2.6KG

We also have a new range of sliced cooked meats

Sliced Cooked Ham 150g
Wafer Ham 275g
Sliced Corned Beef 200g
Sliced Luncheon Roll 200g
Wafer Luncheon Roll 275g


Foodservice Products


In association with leading Irish food groups, Countrystyle Foods offers its catering and wholesale customers a large range of catering food products.

Countrystyle Catering Puddings - 1KG chubs & pre-sliced 4.54KG sizes available
Countrystyle Catering Boxes - Traditional & Skinless Sausages
Irish Pork Loins
Irish Pork Steak
Countrystyle Bacon Ribs
Cooked Boned & Rolled Gammon
Catering Rashers Pack 2.27KG

We also carry an extensive range of frozen catering products and catering dairy products - ask your sales representative or give us a call!